Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions and our answers.

Why Sarees.SG?
Our aim is to be your one-stop shop for all your saree needs. We monitor the competing online saree shops and ensure that we have the best prices. If you find the same product at lower prices on other sites, let us know, we’ll match those prices where possible.
Where are you based?
We are a Singapore business which is also completely online based. We do not have a physical shop to accept walk-in sales. This is also why we are able to offer very attractive prices. We are just a phone call away +65 9051 7063.
Is your business registered?
Absolutely! We are Sarees.SG Pte Ltd (UEN: 201705605M) incorporated in Singapore.
I do not have a credit card or I rather pay by cash?
Yes you can. You can pay by bank transfer to our Sarees.SG Pte Ltd accounts with DBS Bank. Malaysian customers can also pay by Malaysian ringgit to our Maybank Malaysia account. We alsso accept all major credit cards and payment by Paypal. These options and more information are available during check out.
How long will it take before I receive the products?
Usually, you will receive the items within 1 to 2 weeks in total but there will be rare times where it really takes up to 3 weeks.
I need the products urgently can the delivery period be shortened?
We want to ensure that your product is of the best quality and given ample time for stitching. But we understand that you may have upcoming wedding and or other important events. So just let us know before ordering, we will make extra special effort to expedite your order.
Will the product be exactly the same as the pictures?
Absolutely, we take pride in ensuring that the actual product and images are the same. We have a team in India to ensure that the product is exactly the same as shown in the pictures. In addition, you will also get to review and approve the product video before we pack it and despatch it to your home. This way you know exactly what you are paying for.
Will you be adding more products and product suites?
Each week we will be launching a new collection. If there is something you want us to include feel free to let us know, you are our best source of ideas and information.
I have some ideas to make your business better, how can I contribute?
We would love to hear your views and suggestions. If we really like it, we will certainly reward you in terms of Sarees.SG Gold Points. Just send your ideas to anytime!
Who are you guys?
We are a bunch of aspiring local entrepreneurs.
When and how will be my purchased items delivered to me?
Once the shipment arrives we will deliver it to your doorstep at no additional costs.
Why are online Sarees cheaper than traditional stores?
Traditional stores incur overheads like shop rental, employee salary, renovation costs, furniture and equipment costs. Here at Sarees.SG our costs are limited to website development. Moreover, we are not required to charge our customers GST (Goods and Services Tax) unless our total revenue exceeds SGD1 million. We pass on all these savings to you! However, some customers still prefer to shop at stores and try out the Sarees before purchasing. That said there is an ever increasing trend of tech-savvy customers switching to online stores because online stores have a wider collection of Sarees, open 24 hours a day and are conveniently accessible by smartphones. Most importantly they get the greatest value for their money with online shopping.
Would you be developing a mobile platform?
Sarees.SG website is responsive to your devices, so it will automatically adjust to give you the best experience. On mobile phones and tablets it will appear as though it is an app.

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For fastest response please message us on Facebook Messenger or send us a Whatsapp at +65 9051 7063